Our girls won „Spelling bee 2018”


My name is Jessica and I took part in the schools English Spelling Bee. It was a very rewarding experience. The process was simple but quite nerve-wracking. Whoever wanted to participate would go and pick a random 4 word compilation, translate it to English and spell it. Three members of my class, Kinga, Inga, and I got to the part which included other schools too. I remember being very nervous but funnily enough in the first round I picked the exact same words as the first part. It was very exhilarating as I continued to each round. In the final round, it was just Inga and I. In the end, I won first place, which I’m very grateful for, and Inga won second. I’m proud of myself and my classmates for showing such success since English will be very beneficial in our future. I hope there will be future opportunities where I can continue using my English.


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