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Shortly before the long weekend break two of our students – Beti and Wiktoria, took part in the final stage of the Arctic competition. They were interviewed by the contest jury, who were the scientists related to Arctic research from all over the world. The talks were carried out via the internet strictly in English. First, the girls had had to give speeches (up to 10 minutes long) and present their project (both were innovative projects) to the jury, and then answer the jurymen’s questions. We can only imagine how stressful it must have been, but they both did excellent jobs. The reception of their talks was very positive, and the girls’ open and cheerful approach to the interviews made very good impression on the jury, but as the girls were the first who were interviewed, we needed to wait for the results till all twelve competitors were questioned.

The results have just arrived. Unfortunately, even though both, Beti and Wiktoria, did excellent jobs, first inventing the projects, then describing them and presenting, and finally — talking to the jury, none of them will go to the North (this year it’s Iceland and Faroe Islands). Anyhow, the members of the jury decided to award the girls with a special prize which will be a two-days trip to the observatories of Institute of Geophysics Polish Academy of Sciences !

This unexpected, though warmly welcomed award will take place during summer holidays and will be a unique chance for them to see that top scientific institution in Poland from the inside and meet the best Polish specialists in the field. We heartily congratulate and envy them 🙂 !

All in all, it was priceless experience for the girls, and the fact that their effort was noticed and specially awarded also by the jury, even though this year it was not the first award, will stay as a pleasant memory for all of us. The fact that in the age of 13 -14, they hit the final being among 12 best projects in an international competition (with age range 13-20) makes their jobs even a greater achievement.

We are all very proud of Beti and Wiki, and wish them more and more successes in the future! And girls – enjoy your trip!

Certifikate_Beata                            Certifikate_Wiktoria

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