We went to musical called ‘Ghost’, directed by Tomasz Dutkiewicz. The performance took place in a musical theatre in Gdynia.

The musical was about two lovers – Molly and Sam. Everything was fine, until suddenly the boy was murdered. During tramping around the world in a ghost form the man found out, that his beloved one is in danger. He was looking for help from a woman called „Oda” who was able to hear the ghosts.

I really liked the performance called ‘Ghost’. Especially I liked the actress who played Oda. She was very funny and she made the whole musical more light hearted . The most memorable scene was the dance routine performed by the actors who played corporate workers. Admirable were also special effects, like moving elevator or rain.

The performance ‘Ghost’ was a very memorable experience for me. It gave me food for thought regarding the topic of life after death. I would really like to watch this spectacle again.


And here are some of the other students’ opinions:

In my opinion, it was an unforgettable and the best performance in the world!


There were very good special effects.


I wish I could see the musical once again sometime.


The melodrama deserves great applause.


I think everyone should watch it because it was the best musical I’ve ever seen.


It was the best a play I’ve ever seen.


We can find there a surprising scenario, great music, nice choreography and excellent illusionist effects.


At one point I was hypnotized by the music!


I really recommend this performance because there’s amazing plot and perfect music, scenography and much more.


I think that the show was very successful.


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