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And the winner is… Amelia!




eduarctic poziom


Arctic competition – special award of the jury goes to Beti and Wiktoria!




spelling bee






eduarctic poziom


Three of us applied! Girls – fingers crossed!

And a little update – currently there are schools from 25 countries in the project! It really expands!




Yet another Edu-Arctic lesson!






Results of a recent English contest






On windy, freeze and mercilessly cold Wednesday we visited Aquarium in Gdynia to learn about fauna and flora of the Baltic



What does „to be habout happiness - the workshopappy” mean? – we took part in the workshop „About happiness”





ghost - the musical

‚Ghost’ – a memorable experience  more


Przedstawienie, które każdy musi zobaczyć by Beti

więcej po polsku 🙂


Results of English contests

First of all, congratulations to all of you who took part in the recent English contests 🙂

Starting with Jersz – The Talent Seekers!

Well done Amelia – you finished second in Pomorskie voivodship! Dawid came 7th! Great job!!!

The rest of the group finished in the top 60! What a result! As many as 491 people took part in the contest, that only proves how good you are. Remember, it can always be better 😉

English Culture – the second contest

Ten brave students from class 1E participated in the English Culture contest. Wiktoria W came first! Well done!!! You scored 32 points out of 40. The second place belongs to Beata and Stasiu who scored 28 points each. Congratulations once again!

I hope that in the final round in Żukowo you will show all the other participants who rules!

Oh, and one more thing… I’d like to see some ‘thumbs up’ under this post 🙂

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Film production in progress. Hollywood, we’re coming hollywood



Recently, we worked on a poster promoting reading of books.





Biology project – sample reports

At the very beginning of the biology course all the students carried out biology experiments as their homework. Sample reports are presented.




National Independence Day

It is a national day in Poland celebrated on 11th of  November  to mark  regain of independence by Poland in 1918 after  123 years of occupation.

It is a day off work. In the main celebrations  participat the highest authorities of state and they are  held in Warsaw in Marshal Józef Pilsudski Square.

That day, we hang white – red flags at our homes. We have a lot of patriotic songs  which are sung this day,  including : ‘Rota’,’ My, pierwsza brygada’.

All the people are happy  this  day and we are proud  that we live in a free country.

We’re going to The D. Baduszkowa Musical Theatre in Gdynia on Thursday evening!

It’s going to be our first class outing. The play is musical „Ghost” and expect we’ll comment on it and review the play after all.

Please, do review respiration and nutrition! You’re mixing up things;

Max’s group – please identify yourself! You won the quiz, but I don’t know who should get those 6… if you want it, I mean…

The homework – to all of you – please do not only the review as I told you on lesson, but also „reproduction” pages 27- 29. It’s basically to help you to prepare for classwork; we won’t be able to check it on lesson, but I’ll send you correct answers on next Friday (both parts) so to you could check it yourself;

To all new users !

your 1st message or comment needs moderation (so it might take time before you see it on the page; (sorry, not all the time in front of computer…);

The next once should be added automatically; hope it’ll work… 🙂


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