Alicja Treder i Jakub Goll z klasy 8 dwujęzycznej finalistami Wojewódzkiego Konkursu Kuratoryjnego z Biologii


Uczniowie klasy 8d uzyskali tytuły finalistów w Wojewódzkim Konkursie przedmiotowym z Biologii organizowanym przez Pomorskie Kuratorium Oświaty. Konkurs jak zwykle podzielony był na trzy etapy. Ostatni, wojewódzki, odbył się tuż po feriach w sopockim I LO. Warto zaznaczyć, że w przypadku klas 8-mych zakres tematyczny obowiązujący na szczeblu rejonowym i…

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Our girls won „Spelling bee 2018”


My name is Jessica and I took part in the schools English Spelling Bee. It was a very rewarding experience. The process was simple but quite nerve-wracking. Whoever wanted to participate would go and pick a random 4 word compilation, translate it to English and spell it. Three members of…

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Spreading the word – Building Bridges


As a form of spreading the word about the Austrian mobility we prepared a board with some of the pictures taken in St. Agatha. If you want to have look, go to classroom 67 and you will find the pictures there. Later on we danced “Honey, honey” by ABBA. Marta,…

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Erasmus in Austria


A group of three students from the 8th bilingual grade spend a fantastic time in St. Agatha, Austria. We did so many fantastic activities, made dozens of new friends, built bridges between cultures and even a real bridge, we spoke in English, danced, visited new places, worked hard and at…

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Children’s Day for teens


Summer weather, good company, and exciting treasure-hunt game based on local legends and history of Kartuzy – this is how class 2e spent the Children’s Day. We started at school from presentations of projects in biology, and heard inspiring speeches about the biochemistry of falling in love, why we sleep,…

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Jakub won „The world of English” competition

Jakub konkurs 05_2018

Yet, another success of our student. This time congregations to Jakub on winning the multimedia competition „The world of English” that took place on Thu, 24 May, at SP2 school in Kartuzy. The task consisted of two parts – of tests of students’ knowledge about Irland, and about the book,…

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Poznań – a class trip.


A week ago our class had a two-day long trip to Poznań. During the trip we visited  and explored the city. On Monday (the first day) we left Kartuzy at 7 a.m. In Poznań we were at approx. 12 p.m. The first step of our trip was the stadium were…

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Workshops and rehearsals – day 1


At the beginning of the day the Head teacher of Sarinena’s school welcomed us in their school. Then he showed us the whole school. The School in Sarinena is not very big, but it is very cool.  After sightseeing we had some workshops. During those workshops we were analysing the…

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