This is a private page of bilingual classes at Szkoła Podstawowa nr 5 z oddziałami gimnazjalnymi in Kartuzy, Poland;


       Our class is bilingual, that means, that we have lessons not only in the Polish language, but also we have got some elements of Biology and Art and Design in English. What is also special about our class is that we have conversations with a native English speaker, Mr Stephen. During lessons with him we talk about different topics, like culture in English-spelling countries or about our news. Next year we will have Chemistry partly in English. We have six English lessons (seven including conversations) a week.
There are 28 students in our class, which makes us the class with the fewest students. All of us have different hobbies. Most of us like drawing and playing computer games. Despite the fact that we’ve known each other for only two months, we have already become intimate.
We decided to join this class because we want to learn English and travel around the world.