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I’m very happy to share the news that projects of two of our students (Beti and Wiki) were selected to the last step of the Arctic competition. At that stage girls will have to present their projects on line, in English, and then answer the questions from competition board members. It’s worth being mentioned that they compete with students from the whole Europe and they are among the youngest participants, as the age range of competition is 13 to 20 y.o.  The results will be announced the next day, and six out of twelve finalists will be awarded with an expedition (10-14 days) to one of the arctic stations within the EDU-ARCTIC project: Faroe Islands or Iceland.

Wish you good luck girls! Fingers crossed!


spelling bee






eduarctic poziom

Check this out – http://edu-arctic.eu/news/53-arctic-competitions-next-stage-begins

Three of us applied! Girls – fingers crossed!

And a little update – currently there are schools from 25 countries in the project! It really expands!




Yet another Edu-Arctic lesson!





Results of a recent English contest






On windy, freeze and mercilessly cold Wednesday we visited Aquarium in Gdynia to learn about fauna and flora of the Baltic





1st Movie Night – It was hilarious evening!




What does „to be habout happiness - the workshopappy” mean? – we took part in the workshop „About happiness”





ghost - the musical‚Ghost’ – a memorable experience more


Przedstawienie, które każdy musi zobaczyć by Beti

więcej po polsku 🙂


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